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    College students gather around candles forming the shape of an airplane, during a candlelight vigil for victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, at a university in Yangzhou, China.


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  4. Open the Floodgates!Like every year, the opening of the reservoir of the Xiaolangdi dam, located on the Yellow River and in the Chinese province of Henan, has resulted in an incredible show. This cleaning operation aims to prevent flooding caused by silt which accumulates downstream of the river.

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  5. Love and Lightning in New York

    Joseph Rojas and Abigail Zolotarsky embrace as lightning strikes One World Trade Center in Manhattan during sunset after a summer storm in New York

    REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

  6. Small forest fires are pictured between pine trees at night at Sierra de Tejeda nature park in southern Spain.

    Two houses were razed in the wildfire which forced the evacuation of 600 people, mostly tourists, from their homes.

    REUTERS/Jon Nazca

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  7. Picture of the day: Woman prostests against Japan’s new military role

    Image credit: Reuters/Yuya Shino

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  9. Rob “the Original” Ferrel, a Texan hair artist, cuts a picture of Argentine football player Leo Messi into the hair of fan Vincent Hernandez, in anticipation of the World Cup match between Argentina and Switzerland.

  10. Looking back at our best pictures of the last week.

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